ARLES Les Recontres de la Photographie 2023

July 3rd – September 24th 2023

FOTOHAUS | Fondation Manuel Rivera-Ortiz, 18 Rue de la Calade, Arles

open daily 10 am – 7.30 pm

Anny Wass
material world

In her series material world, the artist Anny Wass questions the relationship between people and material. Coming from analogue photography, Wass is currently working with digital collages – self-portraits created in the studio are supplemented with objects, some of which are multiplied in turn. With her own body as an object, the artist merges with everyday objects in a performative style. This creates new visual worlds that are playful and tend to move humorously between reality and utopia. The material, the object, is staged by her subjectively. The subject, the artist herself, is photographed objectively. The result is a multi-layered change of perspective between subject and object, human and material, artist and viewer. Excerpts from the material world series were on display at Parallel Editions Art Fair 2023 in Vienna, at Hybrid Art Fair 2023 in Madrid and are featured in ON THE NEW at Belvedere 21. Museum of Contemporary Art Vienna 2023.

Anny Wass, born in Austria, received her diploma in design and sculpture, as well as in photography. Since graduating, she has built a multidisciplinary practice. Various works by Anny Wass have been exhibited internationally and can be found in a number of private and public collections. Her curatorial work is manifested in the founding of the independent art and exhibition space Dessous / in collaboration with Gert Resinger. Anny Wass lives and works in Vienna.

a selection of her material world series is exhibited at the FOTOHAUS | Fondation Manuel Rivera-Ortiz during the festival ARLES Les Recontres de la Photographie 2023.

‘ Me myself and I ‘ October Henan 2019

My work series ‘ Me, myself and I ‘ was produced last fall (October 2019) at an artist residency near Wuhan, China. And, interestingly enough, has already anticipated some of the current and worldwide developments.

Parts of the series were on display in an exhibition curated by Alexandra Grimmer at the Jigongshan Museum in Henan Province, China.

‘We see the photos as an almost prophetic plea for cohesion and
Solidarity in times like this. At the same time, Anny also questions the meaningfulness
of synchronizing the collective, which is in a permanent competition
among themselves. ’

Quotation Lisa Ortner-Kreil, curator BA Kunstforum Vienna

Interview with Monopol Magazin Germany:

Interview with Kunstforum Vienna: